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Donald Cooper

Donald Cooper, MBA, CSP, HOF

A bottom-line business speaker who has been both a world-class manufacturer & an award-winning retailer.

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  • $9,800 - $11,800
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  • Business Growth
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Retention / Hiring
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing/Merchandising
  • Succession Planning
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  • 30 Years
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    Combining a rare blend of wisdom, passion and humanity, Donald Cooper fills the room with dozens of concepts, insights and bottom-line ideas that will help any business to sell more, manage smarter, grow their bottom line…and create a clear, specific and measurable Vision for their future.  

    Simply put, Donald transforms businesses and business people!  He is respected in over 40 industries throughout the world as both a thought leader and a passionate visionary.  He’s an excellent fit for any company or association that wants the “straight goods” on how to: 

    1. Create compelling customer value and experiences that will give them a clear competitive advantage,

    2.  Market and promote their business more effectively in a crowded and cynical marketplace,

    3.  Attract, lead and retain a dedicated, top-performing team,

    4.  Improve profitability now and for the long term…and to,

    5.  Create a clear direction for the future of their business…and a specific Action Plan to get them there.

    Donald has an MBA from the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario followd by 18 years at Cooper Canada.  From humble beginnings Cooper Canada became a world leading maker of sports equipment and a Canadian brand icon.  Then, as a fashion retialer Donad fundamentally redefined the customer exerience for which he received 7 awards of excellence for marketing. service and business innovation, including the Retail Council of Canada’s Innovative Retailer of the Year. 

    Donald is a recipient of the Certified Speaking Professional designation, the highest earned designation in professional speaking. He has also been inducted into The Canadian Speakers Hall of Fame.

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    Keynote OR Breakout | Audience Participation | Educational | Humorous | Inspirational

    Format:  Managing any business today is tough.  Every market is over-served and under-differentiated.  We have more demanding customers, more and stronger competition, increased complexity and shrinking margins.  

    This program, delivered as a Keynote, interactive Workshop or half-day ‘Super Session’  delivers bottom-line insights on every business’s 7 most important challenges.  How to…

     1. Create compelling customer value and experiences that will give them a clear competitive advantage.

    2. Market, promote and sell more effectively on a tight budget. 

    3. Attract, lead and retain a dedicated top-performing team…and deal more effectively with non-performance.

    4. Better understand the math of profitability and how to dramatically improve their bottom line.

    5. Make the important transition from being a ‘player’ to being a ‘coach’, as their business grows. 

    6. Improve clarity, commitment, urgency and accountability at every level of their business.

    7. Create a clear, specific and measurable ‘operational Vision for the future of their business and a specific Action Plan to get them there.

    Keynote OR Breakout

    There’s huge confusion in business today about what a “Vision” is, what it isn’t…and whether it even makes sense to have one.  Businesses spend months and thousands of dollars on consultants or “Management Retreats” to come up with a vague, ‘feel good’ Vision that says little, and achieves nothing.

    Every industry is changing and new business models are taking over.  It’s tough to get where we’re going if we don’t know where we’re going.  Simply put, our Vision should be a clear, specific and measurable statement of what we commit to become to be a more profitable market leader in 3 to 5 years.  It will consist of 6 points, on one piece of paper and will be easily updated every year to keep us in the lead.

    Its purpose is to inform, focus, challenge and inspire us as leaders, and everyone on our team, by creating clarity about these 5 things:

    1.                The compelling customer value and experience that we commit to deliver,

    2.                What we commit to become,

    3.                Specifically how we’ll get there,

    4.                The extraordinary bottom line that we commit to generate…and,

    5.                How we commit to behave along the way.

    That level of clarity simply doesn’t exist in most businesses today…and it’s killing them.  Our Vision will also be our most effective recruitment tool, when hiring and developing key team members.

    Donald’s breakthrough work on business Vision has helped 1000s of companies throughout the world improve clarity, commitment and profitability.

    Keynote OR Breakout

    Whether you sell to consumers or to other businesses, customers are more demanding, less forgiving, more confused, more time-compressed and more cynical than ever before.  They want your best service and your best price…and they want it now.  On top of that, you have way too many competitors, you all look pretty much alike…and some of you aren’t going to make it!

    So, to succeed we must stand out.  We must create compelling value and experiences that make powerful connections with our target customers.  Simply put, we must be extraordinary.  Mediocrity is no longer an option.

    Then, we must communicate our value in a way that ‘grabs’ our target customers, clearly differentiates us from our competitors and makes us ‘famous’.  There’s no point in being the best if we’re also the best-kept secret.  And we have to do all of that on a tight budget so that we grow our bottom line.

    Creating loyal and profitable customers for life is not that complicated.  In fact, you’ll be amazed at how simple and do-able it actually is.  In this bottom-line marketing session, Donald delivers his clear and compelling insights into why people buy, why they don’t buy…and what they really want when they do buy.

    He debunks tired myths about loyalty, price, advertising, and value and then replaces them with powerful insights and management tools that will help you create a compelling competitive advantage, more effective marketing and a better bottom line.

    Donald’s profound understanding of human behavior, delivered with humor and a strong dose of reality, will inform, challenge and energize you.

    Keynote OR Breakout

    This program, specifically for business owners, delivers dozens of bottom-line insights about the real world of succession and exit.

    Succession planning isn’t just about the owner ‘getting out’ at the end. It’s also the ongoing process of developing and preparing capable people throughout the business, including at the top, for new responsibilities as the business grows. To use a sports analogy, it’s about building talent and creating ‘bench strength’ as part of building a profitable, sustainable and saleable business.

    Exit Planning is determining the timing and the strategy for the business owner to make a graceful and profitable exit from the business…and to adjust to the life changes that come with that.

    When you have clients for whom this is important subject will be helpful, we’ll be delighted to chat about ‘possibilities’.


    Whether your business is large or small, not having the right people in every position carries a huge bottom-line cost in lost business, inefficiency, missed opportunity, and frustration!

    The talent crunch is real and will last for decades.  In less than 10 years time, we’ll see many businesses fail because they’re unable to find the talent they need.

    Sadly, many business owners and managers have convinced themselves that, “You just can’t get good people anymore!”  They’re in denial and they’ve given up!  The truth is that the best people have to work for somebody…it’s just that we have to deserve them.

    We become what we hire…so we need to attract and hire extraordinary talent, not just ‘bodies’.  Then, we must train, inspire and empower them to WOW our customers, achieve world-class operating efficiency and grow our bottom line.

    Everyone on our team must be clear about our customer promise, our direction, and our values.  They must be committed to specific outcomes, be held accountable for their performance and rewarded for their success.  Then, non-performance must be dealt with promptly and firmly.  Lack of accountability and failure to deal with non-performance are two of the biggest problems in many businesses today.  So, we must all manage smarter.

    Donald’s 8 steps to attracting, leading and keeping a top-performing team deliver a clear, specific and effective process that will help make you a world-class recruiter, a world-class boss…and a world-class business.

    Keynote OR Breakout

    Managing any business today is tough…and getting tougher.  We’re all faced with more demanding customers, more and stronger competition, increased complexity and shrinking margins.  On top of that, great staff are hard to find and keep…and that problem won’t go away anytime soon.

    To thrive in good times or bad, first we must create extraordinary customer value and experiences that will ‘grab’ our target customers, clearly differentiate us from our competitors, make us ‘famous’ and grow our bottom line. Then, we must market, sell and promote like never before in this crowded, confused and cynical marketplace.

    Next, we must create a clear Vision for the future of our business and a business model that will get us there. Then, we must develop a top-performing team and world-class operating efficiency.  Without these four things, we cannot grow our business.

    Finally, we must understand the math of profitability and control expenses carefully.

    Performance must be measured, acknowledged and rewarded…and non-performance must be dealt with promptly.  Lack of clarity and failure to deal with non-performance are two of the biggest challenges facing many businesses today.  So, we must all manage smarter.

    Most business owners and managers spend 90% of their time working “in” their business and not enough time working “on” it.  Donald delivers the ‘straight goods’ on how to proactively and effectively manage your marketing, your team, your future and your bottom line…and he makes it fun!

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    “Your 2 sessions on our 4-city AG tour were a HUGE success. Your highly effective delivery of important business insights challenged and entertained...not an easy combination. Your genuine caring for our farm business customers shone through ...and your passion and commitment to our ‘tour team’ kept us all energized and motivated.”

    Dow AgroSciences - Canada
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    “Donald Cooper stole the show! Plain and simple. His combination of keen insight and humor made him the most entertaining, engaging and highest rated speaker on our program.”

    Mass Mutual USA
Donald Cooper stole the show! Plain and simple. His combination of keen insight and humor made him the most entertaining, engaging and highest rated speaker on our program.
Mass Mutual USA