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Jeff DeGraff

Jeff DeGraff

Dean of Innovation - Leading Innovation and Growth

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  • $30,000 - $40,000
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  • 37 Years
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    Jeff DeGraff is the Professor of Management and Organizations at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He teaches MBA, EMBA, BBA, and Executive Education courses on leading creativity, innovation, and change. Jeff’s research and writing focuses on innovation strategy, change and innovation competency development, creativity and innovation practices and methods, creativity communities and innovation networks, and leadership development.

    He is an author and co-author of the books Innovation YouCreativity at Work: Developing the Right Practices to Make Innovation Happen, Leading Innovation: How to Jumpstart Your Company’s Growth Engine and Competing Values Leadership: Creating Value in Organizations. His latest book, Making Stone Soup, is a finalist for several book awards. In his newest book Innovation Code: The Creative Power of Constructive Conflict, he argues that diversity of thought is essential to innovation. He urges everyone to practice constructive dialogue and work in diverse teams to find hybrid solutions and develop unique approaches to solve difficult problems.

    Jeff’s mission is “the democratization of innovation.” He brings innovation to everyone, every day and everywhere through his books, his public television program (Innovation You), columns (Inc.) and radio program (The Next Idea). His articles and thought leadership on contemporary business matters have been covered by Business WeekUS News and World Report and the Wall Street Journal, to name a few.

    Jeff’s client list reads as a ‘who’s who’ within the world of innovators, including, among many others, General Electric, Coca-Cola, American College of Surgeons, and Google. In working with these prominent firms, he has developed a broad array of widely used change and innovation methodologies and tools. Jeff’s creative and direct take on making innovation really happen have made him a world-renowned thought leader and have prompted his clients and colleagues to dub him as The Dean of Innovation.

    Jeff is a Managing Partner of Innovatrium, an innovation center and consulting practice that specializes in helping organizations make change and innovation happen. He serves as an advisor to think tanks and governments. He has worked all over the world, with significant experience in Europe and Asia, and in most industry and market segments.

    Jeff was a member of the executive team at Domino’s Pizza when it was one of the fastest growing businesses in the world in the 1980’s.

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    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Motivational

    Everyday we make goals and promises to ourselves to be better in certain aspects of our lives. Although our intentions are noble, we are often diverted by various daily distractions or the notion that our goal is too hard to reach. Innovation You is Jeff’s reply; he takes a direct and simple approach to breaking down the steps needed to accomplish your goal, and he is honest about the roadblocks you may face along the way. After decades of working to innovate organizations, Jeff takes on the ultimate challenge to help you innovate yourself.

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Motivational

    Innovation is about synching it all up

    No matter how successful an organization has been, it must continue to innovate and change with the coming generation if it wants to stay successful. Jeff’s presentation on “Connecting the Dots of Innovation” showcases practices that have been proven to make innovation happen. Jeff explains that by starting at the desired result (the end) and working backwards you can really ascertain the moves you need to make to achieve that desired outcome.

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Motivational

    If you seek growth, innovation isn’t your best friend—it’s your only friend.

    Through this presentation, you will learn how to create organizational cultures and habits that are conducive to creativity. Jeff introduces the traits and habits that foster innovation and explains how to implement them. Specifically, you will learn to leverage current processes and systems to find growth opportunities, create a collaborative environment, and champion a risk taking-culture to better innovate. 

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Motivational

    While the motion picture industry was developing ever more sophisticated innovation methods, a small group of relatively inexperienced exiles from the big studios met a local café and created a plan to produce a series of ingenious movies. They called their start-up Pixar.


    Take a close look at your favorite company or organization. You will find lots of diversity, intelligence and generative energy – in the coffee shop right across the street. While focusing on complex development processes, micromanaging new product portfolios or tormenting designers a dizzying array of metrics, your most creative people walk out of your door every day unnoticed, uninspired and untapped.


    In the new world of work, where breakthrough products, services and solutions can happen anywhere, anytime with anyone, the processes that you create to accelerate innovation in your company inevitably drives it out. So how is a company supposed to make innovation happen?


    By encouraging and developing people to do the creative work the company can’t.

    This presentation focuses on the personal creative development of the individual: how they feel, how they think and how they act. Jeff DeGraff, the Dean of Innovation, uses stories and practical advice gained from working with hundreds of the world’s top organizations to energize and inspire the audience to start their own personal and professional renaissance. When people are revitalized, they tend to put their creativity to work where they work.

  • Review
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    “While creativity and innovation have become big business buzz words in the last few years, Jeff DeGraff has been buzzing about them— and how to make them happen on a consistent systemic and cultural level—for decades.”

    Zingerman’s Ari W.
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    “A sincere note of thanks for your inspiring and thought provoking presentation at our La-Z Boy Leadership meeting last week. You certainly know how to get your point across in an interesting, humorous and challenging way and that is exactly what our team needed to hear at this stage of our business evolution.”

    La-Z Boy Kurt D.
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    “Simply put, Jeff’s methods work! In working with Jeff and his framework to transform various aspects of our business model, it became increasingly clear that he was transforming me and my team.”

    Pfizer Animal Health, Pfizer Inc. Clinton L.
While creativity and innovation have become big business buzz words in the last few years, Jeff DeGraff has been buzzing about them— and how to make them happen on a consistent systemic and cultural level—for decades.
Zingerman’s Ari W.