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The Advantages of Using a Bureau

There are many reasons we believe you should work with bureaus, but here are just a few that we would remind you of:

  1. A bureau thinks long term! We don’t just want your business for a single engagement; we want to establish a long-term relationship with you and thus, will work very hard to do our best.
  2. A bureau knows more speakers than the average planner does, and we know who is best in your area of need. We usually know of the great, new faces long before you hear about them and can often get you a great speaker at a fraction of the cost of the big names.
  3. We are in the office every day.  Sometimes it can take days to track down a speaker, but the bureau is always there.
  4. A bureau gives planners an insurance policy for when speakers get sick or fogged in. They know where and how to find that special back-up to fly in on a moment’s notice.
  5. The entire process from the search for a speaker to the billing runs more smoothly when a bureau is involved.
  6. There is not an additional fee charged for using the bureau because the speaker pays them to find and work with you.
  7. Most planners who work with a bureau suggest that you find one or two to work with rather than using multiples. Most bureaus have access to the same speakers, and it can become very confusing for all three parties if three or four bureaus are promoting the same speakers for the same engagement.
We have worked with the Healthcare Speakers Network for four years, and have enjoyed our professional relationship enough that we keep returning to book additional speakers. The team is consistently service driven, customer focused and the staff is so easy to get along with and accommodating that our events are consistently rated well above average. The trust element between our staff and the Healthcare Speakers Network staff is high.
Executive Assistant VHA OK/AR