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Cheryl Cran

Cheryl Cran

Globally renowned future of work and change leadership expert with clients that include AT&T, Gartner, GE, KPMG, Kaiser Permanente and more.

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  • $16,500 - $21,500
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  • Employee Retention / Hiring
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  • Generational Issues
  • Innovation
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  • 23 Years
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    Recognized as the #1 Future of Work influencer by Onalytica, and author of 7 books including “NextMapping – Anticipate, Navigate & Create The Future of Work”

    Other book titles include “The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation In a Fast-Paced World” (Wiley 2015), “101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work” (2010) and 4 other books on the ultimate leadership skills needed to be future of work ready.

    Cheryl’s future of work thought leadership has been featured in publications such as Huff Post, Forbes, IABC Magazine, Law Magazine, Metro New York, Entrepreneur Magazine, Readers Digest, CBS Online, NBC Online, Fox Online and more.

    For over two decades Cheryl has built a reputation for delivering extraordinary value to clients that include AT&T, Bell Mobility, Omnitel, Gartner, British Telcomm, Manulife, as well as mid-sized companies and entrepreneurs in industries that include technology, health, agriculture, finance, insurance and more.

    NextMapping™ was developed as a proprietary business solution brand that encompasses all of Cheryl’s work and research on the future of work and the leadership needed to navigate change in the workplace. It’s time to not just hear about the future but to use NextMapping™ to get there! Technology in the workplace must be used to prepare for the future with a focus on how technology can enhance outcomes for people.

    The common theme of all of Cheryl’s life’s work is a ‘people first’ and digital second approach to create a more human future, helping companies to build the leadership capacity needed to ‘change the world through business.’

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    Keynote | Educational | Motivational

    Never before have workplaces had so much ambiguity, uncertainty and constant change. 

    Workers are challenged with doing more with less, learning at the speed of disruption and working with diverse situations. 

    There is a massive opportunity for leaders to create the future for themselves and their teams. 

    With the increase of digital transformation, there is a calling for leaders to be connected, empathetic and inspiring for their teams. 


    In this keynote leaders will learn: 

    • The most recent and up to date research on the future workplace and what it means for leaders today 
    • Statistics and sentiment analysis on worker attitudes and what workers want today and in the future from their leaders 
    • Leadership models on the ‘me to we’ mindset and mapping the future of the leadership journey 
    • Tips and strategies on how to leverage leadership mastery to increase the attraction and retention of top talent 
    • Inspiring ideas that can be put into immediate action to increase employee motivation and engagement 
    • Practical daily actions to help leaders feel energized and to help their teams to be inspired and excited to create the future of work 

    Cheryl Cran future of work expert and founder of NextMapping shares inspiring, uplifting and practical ideas for leaders to be future ready now! 

    Keynote OR Breakout | Audience Participation | Educational | Inspirational

    What will leaders and their teams have to do to thrive today and beyond to the year 2020? Today’s challenges include ongoing global change, technological innovation and changing workplace dynamics.

    Employee engagement, creating leaders for the future, attracting and retaining top talent are all elements that are rapidly changing and impacting the way we work and how we need to change to meet the challenges of the future workplace today.

    This keynote will provide researched global business insights, thought-provoking, creative, leading-edge ideas and strategies on how leaders can take immediate action to increase team buy-in, adaptability and execution NOW as we head towards 2020.

    Cheryl’s style is high energy and interactive, she presents relevant research and her presentations always have fun movie clips and music. Cheryl is well known for delivering the ‘WOW’ Factor. With Cheryl Cran you are guaranteed to have increased audience engagement, an audience that leaves with easy to implement ideas and are inspired to lead with 2020 vision to build the future workplace today.
    Attendees will leave this session with:

    A look at the trends and technologies shaping the future workplace today
    Ideas for leaders and their teams to adapt their personality style and leadership style to the evolving workplace
    Tools to use to and the “how” to successfully engage the multiple generations in the workplace
    Insights into how leaders need to adapt to the ever-changing reality of worker attitudes and shifting attitudes on loyalty, job satisfaction and how work is done.
    Case studies and examples of progressive companies that are on the cutting edge of creating innovative workplaces and creating the template for the workplace of the future
    Strategies on how to get everyone on board with the overall vision, build excitement for the company’s direction and create commitment and buy-in to taking action today and for the future

    Keynote OR Breakout | Educational | Inspirational

    “Find out how the economy is impacting recruitment and retention for agriculture/rural North America.”


    Technology and generational attitudes are impacting how we recruit and retain good people. 


    As we enter into an era of changing demographics, traditional sources of good labor are getting tighter. Rural companies have specific challenges to their industry such as finding workers who aren’t already working for another business in the community or finding workers who are willing to work seasonal or part-time. Specific challenges are finding skilled workers, keeping good workers from getting poached from other industries and training and development strategies that keep employees loyal. 


    In this session leadership expert Cheryl Cran will provide ideas and strategies on how your company can find and keep good people in a post-recession/new economy environment. 


    Attendees will leave this session with:


    •                 How the economy is changing the way the generations look at their employers

    •                 How the economic changes are influencing recruitment and retention

    •                 A look at current demographic information and the impact the numbers have on agriculture recruitment and retention

    •                 Creative ideas on how to maximize what we know about the different generations and how to attract the best people regardless of generation for the job

    •                 Where to find the right person for the job based on the needed skill set, attitude and work requirements

    •                 Create a referral network by word of mouth, social media, technology and like-minded businesses

    •                 The concept of ‘pooled talent’ and ‘shared talent’ and how to maximize on this

    •                 Strategies on how to keep the right people on board, engaged and eager to work for you longer term or again in the future

                5 action steps that can be put into immediate action to find and keep the right


    Keynote OR Breakout | Educational | Motivational

    Map your future with creativity and agility

    Many disruptions including government shifts, global disasters, mergers and acquisitions, artificial intelligence, robotics, and changing worker attitudes is causing the need for leaders to be able to map the future of work for their company and for their teams.

    The type of leadership that is needed during these fast-paced times is the ability to flex in times of flux. Agility, adaptability and innovation are key attributes that will help leaders to drive the change and transformation needed to get to the future of work.

    This future of work keynote provides insights into the future of work and strategies to proactively map the future as a leader. Dynamic ideas and creative approaches to help build future ready leadership that drives transformation towards the future of work.

    Attendees will leave this session with:

    • Insights on the impact of AI and robotics on your industry locally and globally
    • A bi-modal model on how to leverage the best of what’s working now with data from future trends research
    • Case studies of organizations that have successfully mapped their future by being on top of trends and future of work
    • How to harness the ‘people first’ principle of future workplaces and a look at leaders who have leveraged technology to enable extraordinary value for clients and employee experience
    • A ‘what needs to change’ and ‘what will never change’ checklist to help prioritize strategic actions towards future of work
    • Inspiration, ideas and a ‘map’ of the future for self/teams/business that can be put into practical application right away
    • NextMapping™ model and steps to create your future for self/business

    Keynote OR Breakout | Educational | Motivational

    Agile, flexible and innovative teams are the Future of Work

    This future of teams’ keynote provides dynamic insights into the future of teams and how team structure is morphing to meet the real-time disruptions and demands of fast changing world. Research shows that small teams with highly motivated and engaged individuals are able to innovate and execute very quickly. The impact on business with high performing teams is faster ideas to market, nimble solutions for client experience and ultimately competitive advantage.

    Attendees will leave this session with:

    • The latest research on team dynamics needed for future of work
    • Statistics and data on the best future of work structure of a team, the best mix of personalities, aptitudes and more
    • Strategies for team members to build a ‘me to we’ future of work attitude
    • A mindset model on how to shift towards a ‘shared leadership’ team culture
    • Ideas on how to cross-collaborate, break down silos and innovate across the business
    • How to create agile, adaptable and innovative teams
    • Inspiration and plans to ‘map out’ what’s next for your teams to be future of work ready

    Breakout | Educational | Motivational

    95% of companies surveyed cite a big focus for the future is finding and keeping top talent in the age of robotics, remote workers and increasing competition.

    This keynote provides trends, case studies, and creative ideas on recruiting and retaining talent

    Fortune 500 CEO’s surveyed state that even with the age of robotics they are planning to continue to seek and hire talented people well into 2020 and beyond. The competition for attracting top talent is increasing, and as quickly as people are being hired and trained other industries are approaching and poaching talent. In addition, the increase in freelance and entrepreneur opportunities for millennials is making the talent search even more challenging.

    What can companies do? What do leaders need to do to win the war for talent?

    In this keynote, you will learn how to map out a strategy and plan on how to attract top talent and how to retain them for longer than average time frames.

    Attendees will leave this session with:

    • The latest research for your industry on future trends regarding attracting and retaining top talent
    • Insights into current reality of finding and keeping good people the stats and the best practices
    • Innovative ideas on finding the right people that are suited for your industry
    • Creative ideas and examples from global companies winning the war for talent
    • The top ten ‘attractors’ of what top talent want when looking to work for a company
    • How to be a company that ‘attracts’ talent, including having transformational leaders and creating a culture that focuses on shared leadership
    • The number one reason people leave an employer and how to fix it
    • A greater understanding of why investing in recruiting alone is a no-win approach
    • Creative solutions that you can put into place right away to increase your wins in attracting and keeping top talent

    Keynote OR Breakout | Educational | Motivational

    This change leadership keynote is for everyone because “everyone is a leader!”

    Increasing fast pace of change requires a culture where everyone is a change leader

    Everyone in the workplace is working in times of intense technological innovation and dealing with ongoing rapid change and disruptions.

    The key is how to inspire and engage everyone to be ‘leaders of change’ and to dynamically increase innovation, collaboration and success for everyone in the company and for the business overall.

    This keynote focuses on how each individual can harness their own inner abilities to lead change and personal leadership in a positive and proactive way.

    This keynote is based on Cheryl’s book “The Art of Change Leadership” (Wiley 2015)

    Attendees will leave this session with:

    • Further insight into how is fast change is impacting the speed of work and how we as leaders need to build adaptability to the new reality
    • A shifted perspective on how we as individuals can harness positive stress and leverage time in an increasingly fast-paced work environment
    • A clear understanding of how each generation views change, deals with change and strategies to improve change responses and actions
    • The change cycle and how to use this model to lead change for self and for others
    • Insight into their own personal change behaviors and tools to leverage their individual ability to adapt more quickly to ongoing change with a positive approach
    • Tools to lead change with multiple perspectives including emotional intelligence, generation intelligence and energetic intelligence
    • A change leadership ‘next map’ that will outline your next steps to creating the future that you want to create
  • Review
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    “Our group rated Cheryl 10 out of 10 as our keynote speaker. She was our highest rated keynote speaker at our conference. She exceeded our expectations!”

    National Agri-Marketing Association CEO
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    “We had Cheryl join us as a Keynote Speaker for our GEA Conference in Puerto Vallarta in January 2017. Cheryl’s keynote The Future of Farming is NOW! was a major success with our audience of discerning dealers and customers in the agriculture industry. Her direct yet engaging style and thought-provoking research created quite the buzz with our group. Cheryl provided insights on the future of leadership and how leadership is evolving in response to increasing technology and demographic changes. She challenged the group to evolve their leadership skills by upgrading their ‘operating systems’ which includes being more creative, innovative and increased abilities to lead multi-generational teams. Her strategies on recruiting and retaining were eye-opening and we loved that she provided ‘calls to action’ for the audience to take back to their workplaces. Cheryl was a major hit with our group!”

    GEA Farm Technologies USA CEO
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    “I’ve worked with Cheryl several times and each event she knocks it out of the park. She listens to what you need and what you are trying to achieve with your event, she brings a practical message with memorable visuals that inspire the audience. Evaluations of Cheryl’s presentations are always very high marks. She’s authentic, dynamic and professional. She delivers every time!”

    CREW Network Foundation CEO
    Thumbs Up icon An icon of a thumbs up

    “Cheryl Cran, Future of Work and Change Leadership expert was absolutely fantastic with her keynote “The Future of Work – Everyone is a Change Leader” – we had comments such as “Cheryl was the BEST keynote speaker we have ever had” as well as “Cheryl’s style of using interaction along with fun and compelling content was phenomenal”. Our VIP’s each got a copy of Cheryl’s book “The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced World” and were so excited to talk with Cheryl after her keynote while she signed each of their copies. Cheryl and her office manager Michelle are a dynamite team – easy to work with before, during and after the event. Thank you Cheryl for helping us to provide supreme value to our attendees of AIIM 2017″”

    AIIM Vice President, Events
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    “Cheryl was our closing keynote speaker for our annual TLMI conference. She was a big hit with our group – her keynote provided insights and research on the future of work was relevant to this high performing group. We loved how Cheryl added special touches such as pics of our hospitality event the evening before and she referenced one of our members success while providing strategic insights too. The texting and polling interaction was unique and added an extra level of positive inclusion of the audience. We loved working with Cheryl and our group loved her too.”

    Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute President
Our group rated Cheryl 10 out of 10 as our keynote speaker. She was our highest rated keynote speaker at our conference. She exceeded our expectations!
National Agri-Marketing Association CEO