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Conor Cunneen

Conor Cunneen

Improving People, Performance, Productivity – with a Smile (and an Irish Brogue!!) Blessed to be a two-time cancer survivor.

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  • $5,000 - $10,000
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  • Branding
  • Humor
  • Leadership
  • Marketing/Merchandising
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Motivation
  • Safety
  • Teamwork/Teambuilding
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  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Marketing
  • About

    Who is IrishmanSpeaks?

    Conor Cunneen is an Irishman, happily exiled in Chicago where he says the natives are friendly, Cubs fans are quite simply nuts, and he has been force-fed more corned beef and green beer than he ever had in Ireland!

    His Mission and Goal

    Conor’s Mission is to Improve People, Performance & Productivity – with a Smile! “My goal is to leave my audience with a smile on the face, a spring in the step AND memorable actionable takeaways to make the world and workplace just a little better.”  (As an Irishman, Conor is particularly proud to be a recipient of the Presidents Gold Medal for Volunteer Service for the work he does with the unemployed.)


    From Harley-Davidson to Helsinki!

    Blessed with an Irish gift of storytelling and impish humor, Conor’s clients range from Harley-Davidson to Helsinki, from Memphis to Madrid as he provides down to earth, implementable programs to improve the workplace across all industries and functions.

    This lyrical Irishman combines the wit and wisdom that won Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year with C-Suite experience from Ireland, UK and USA to present customized programs that get rave reviews from clients like:

    “Conor, in close to 30 years of association work, I have never seen a speaker as well received as you.”

    Conor’s most popular program – The Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior) – customized to each client has received rave reviews from road construction workers to C-Suite executives.

    A former VP Marketing with Unilever, Conor’s Brand Promise is E4: Energize, Educate, Entertain, Easy to work with. He will keep that Brand Promise for you.

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  • Program

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous

    The Irish are famous for the Gift of GAB, but in this insightful, inspirational and frankly, often hilarious presentation, Conor Cunneen shows that everyone can adopt and adapt the Gift of GAB to create an excellent environment and improved workplace. This award-winning speaker and raconteur provides carefully researched material (and sometimes a wee dollop of blarney!) to illustrate the power of Goals, Attitude, Behavior to Improve People, Performance & Productivity

    Your audience will LEARN, LAUGH and LEAVE with a smile on their face, a spring in their step AND with memorable, implementable concepts and ideas to improve themselves, colleagues and workplace.

    Keynote OR Breakout | Audience Participation | Educational | Humorous

    This program is perfect for:

    • Customer facing / front line customer service personnel
    • Leadership who wish to build customer service ethic

    The audience will leave with:

    • A smile on their face
    • A spring in their step 
    • AND
    • Memorable implementable ideas to help them create a great customer service experience
    • Appreciation that creating that WOW customer service experience is a team effort
    • AND
    • Mental triggers to remember what the Irishman said

    This is a motivational, funny program that has real impact on customer-facing personnel.

    This program is perfect for anyone involved in dealing with customers or patients. Although dental and medical practice does not always treat patients as customers I tell my clients in seeking a dental or medical customer service speaker that you are not dealing with patients, you are dealing with people – your customers!

    Customer Service, Customer Loyalty, Customer Engagement is a mindset. Conor demonstrates in his high impact program five micro-goals to improve the work environment which will ensure an improved customer service experience for your clients and customers.
    And what about Conflict Resolution? Check out Conor’s videos on Attitude and the powerful question “What do I want my Attitude to be?”

    The Gift of GAB from this inspirational speaker is a powerful catalyst for enhancing Corporate Culture and for improving Employees/Workforce. The net result will be an improved client and customer service experience.

    The bottom line for you is that improved Customer Loyalty improves the bottom line.

    When concerned about employee motivation or a lack of work-life balance, the core concepts of Goals, Attitude, Behavior will resonate with your colleagues.

    The Gift of GAB generates peak performance and performance improvement for your employees/workforce.

    Conor’s presentation skills that embody humor, emotion, storytelling, problem-solving and just a good dose of laughter and stress reduction techniques are perfect for almost any event or any occasion.

    Give this humorous, motivational, likable guru who has won numerous awards for his persuasion/influencing skills a phone call whether you are in human resources/labor relations, healthcare or hospitality, Leadership or Laughter.

    Conor customizes all his programs.
    Programs you will enjoy.
    Programs that improve people

    Keynote OR Breakout

    Optional Titles: 
    1) How Google, SEO and YouTube can GROW your Business – Inexpensively!

    2) Video Marketing for Small Business

    Conor Cunneen is a Motivational Humorous Business & Marketing Speaker to Associations, Corporations, Healthcare and Non-Profits.
    This former Foodservice Marketing VP gets consistent business from Google search. 

    Because he appears more than once on page one when people from specific segments search for his skill set.

    For instance, as a two-time cancer survivor, Conor often gets business because clients Google for terms like “Humorous motivational speaker oncology.” Google it. Conor’s videos will pop up.

    Google “Customer Service Speaker Medical Dental Practice” and you will see why Conor gets business in that sector.

    While not claiming to be a big budget Search Engine Optimization expert, Conor is what you might call a small budget Search Engine expert who will take you through exactly what he had done to get keynote speaker and workshop engagements from clients as diverse as Nurses Week, Oncology, Sales, Safety Conferences, Restaurant, and Foodservice.

    In this down to earth program on Google, SEO and Digital Marketing, Conor will show:

    1. How you can get found by potential customers that you never knew existed.
    2. How one simple video can be repurposed numerous times.
    3. How you can consistently get on Google page 1 for your specific services without spending a penny on advertising
    4. How you can create high visibility personal branding and business brand awareness inexpensively
    5. Why Web Designers are NOT SEO experts
    6. Why YOU need to know some basic SEO tenets to speak to your web designer

    This program is perfect for Small Business Marketing, Small Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce, SBA entities, franchise groups.


    Keynote OR Breakout

    It is not so long ago that three icons of American business – McDonald’s, Starbucks and Ford Motor Corporation were deemed by many observers to have their best years behind them.

    Thanks to inspired leadership and good management, each company has performed a superb turnaround that provides leadership lessons for everyone, irrespective of the size of business.

    In this powerful program with Conor Cunneen former VP Marketing Unilever and Fellow of the Marketing Institute of Ireland, you will learn the power of

    •  Clear and Compelling Vision
    • Restroom Marketing
    • Genchi Genbutsu (a Toyota concept that means Go to the Source and Learn)
    • The Brand Experience
    • Innovation (and that it does not have to be groundbreaking)

    • Social Media (Boring, stodgy Ford (not) does a great job with social media
    • Talent Management and Bench Strength

    Given that Conor Cunneen is a Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year who knows how to provide Business Substance with Humor, you can be sure that this is not your ordinary keynote or workshop on Leadership 

    Keynote OR Breakout

    This presentation and communications program by award-winning humorist Conor Cunneen is based around an acronym spelling MARK TWAIN, an acronym you are unlikely to forget. but you will surely remember with a smile as you make your next compelling presentation or speech.

    Mark Twain is recognized as probably the finest Humorous Motivational Speaker ever. In his lifetime, he was also recognized as THE finest motivational, humorous speaker who engaged audiences from Berlin to Boston, from Nevada to New York.

    But even Twain had difficulties including stage fright!

    “I recall the occasion of my first appearance. San Francisco knew me then only as a reporter, and I was to make my bow to San Francisco as a lecturer. I knew that nothing short of compulsion would get me to the theatre. So I bound myself by a hard-and-fast contract so that I could not escape. I got to the theatre forty-five minutes before the hour set for the lecture. My knees were shaking so that I didn’t know whether I could stand up. If there is an awful, horrible malady in the world, it is stage-fright-and seasickness.”  (On October 5, 1906, Mr. Clemens, following a musical recital by  his daughter in Norfolk, Conn., addressed her audience on the subject of stage-fright.)

    In this compelling, often hilarious program, Chicago-based humorous, motivational speaker Conor Cunneen will show you tips, tricks, and techniques used by Mark Twain to get his message across. The program is based around an acronym, coincidentally titled MARK TWAIN. Each letter provides a powerful speech and communication lesson based on the novels, speeches, and letters of the finest humorous, motivational speaker the world has seen.

    Your audience will LEARN and LAUGH and LEAVE with the knowledge to craft better and more compelling presentations to connect and inform their audience, put a smile on their face and get the message across.


    Conor, you make that Emcee role look so easy.” Oh, if only they knew! It is my job to make the master of ceremonies role look effortless, but that is because I invest significant time researching the event, speaking with the client, reviewing scripts and understanding the audience.

    The result is that as a professional Master of Ceremonies or Emcee, quite honestly many of my “off the cuff” quips are prepared before the event.

    The result for you, as a planner, is a smooth, well-paced event that goes according to your carefully laid plans.


    American Express writes:

    Thanks again for your fabulous Emcee skills!  I was very happy with the program and am so thankful and appreciative of your skills and attention to the details as well.  And – thank you for the balance of humor you added to the program.  I hope you enjoyed yourself and our people! “


    Illinois State Crime Commission writes:

    Thank you so much for the great job you did emceeing our recent awards gala. We take great pride in our program, so it was wonderful to be able to relax and know the program was in excellent hands.


    Not only did you keep what was a very lengthy program moving along with pace and great humor, it was obvious that you had done your own research separate to the script provided.

    Your combination of the gift of gab, great humor and professionalism shone through and genuinely contributed to a wonderful evening.”


    Why Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks for Master of Ceremonies / Emcee?

    He’s got an Irish brogue!

    He researches his client / competition / industry like crazy.

    C-Suite experience in Sales / Marketing / Leadership in Ireland, UK, USA

    Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year


    Keynote OR Breakout

    This is a program suitable for Healthcare and any high stress environment.

    The American Nurse Association Health Risk Appraisal suggested that 82% of nurses are at “significant level of risk for workplace stress.” (Wondering about the other 18%? They were probably too stressed to complete the survey!)


    Let’s admit it. Your objective to work in an easy stress-free job hasn’t exactly panned out as you hoped! Long hours, charting, rude family members, more charting, poor communication, more charting charting the charts you already charted, rushed meals, surveys including completing questionnaires on why you are stressed! and much more contribute to a job that doesn’t always match the idealized job description. 

    Getting rid of stress is not realistic (and not even advisable.)

    Reducing stress IS realistic (and very much advisable) 

    In this fun, interactive program, Chicago based Irishman (and two-time cancer survivor) will provide down to earth tips, tricks and techniques to reduce your stress levels. In a lyrical Irish brogue that one audience member says “would charm the mane of a donkey,” Conor will have you learning, and laughing, and leaving with a smile on the face, a spring in the step and memorable actionable ideas to Diss the Stress. 


     “You were an incredible speaker and such a breath of fresh air….just what we needed to save our restless crowd!!   It was a sincere pleasure working with you and hope to have the opportunity again in the future.”  – Pulse 3: Womens Healthcare Conference 

    Keynote OR Breakout

    “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” Mark Twain 


    You know the scene! The presenter droned on and on and on and on. Finally an audience member throws a shoe at said speaker, misses, and hits one of the other panelists on stage who responds “Please, hit me again. I can still hear him!!” 


    Chicago Humorous, Motivational Leadership and Communications speaker combines business and communication skills from Ireland, UK and USA with the humor that won Chicago Humorous Speaker of the Year to present a program that, bottom line, WILL make you a substantially better communicator and sales presenter. 
    You will not leave a stand-up comic. But you will leave with an appreciation that putting a smile on your customers face just two or three times during a presentation will make a major difference in how your message is achieved AND you will leave knowing how to intentionally create that smile.


    You will leave with new tools in in your sales bag to capture that elusive sale. 



    “I have never heard a speaker with the double whammy combination of humor and substance which I heard from you today.” MHM Chicago


    “You brought energy, enthusiasm, humor, and a great message around the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior) for our team.” Do it Best

  • Review
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    “As the person who coordinates all of our speakers year after year, I want to tell you that you offered a very welcome breath of fresh air in booking and executing our keynote speech. Getting information from you was easy, you followed through on your commitments every time and you were an inspiration to our customers.”

    Insurance client (Available on request)
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    “Fantastic healthcare speaker on the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior) - much appreciated and taken to heart to be used when times can be difficult at home and at work. Thank you. I wish more of our staff nurses could experience it. We will have to take the message back.”

    Edwards Hospital Staff Nurse
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    “I have never heard a speaker with the double whammy combination of humor and substance which I heard from you today.”

    MHM Law Chicago
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    “I cannot find words for the testimonial. I am not able to adequately put into words how awesome you were when presenting to our sales force.”

I have never heard a speaker with the double whammy combination of humor and substance which I heard from you today.
MHM Law Chicago