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Jack Uldrich

Jack Uldrich

Jack Uldrich is a well-recognized global futurist, speaker, and author of eleven books

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  • 18 Years
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    Global Futurist, Speaker, Author

    Jack Uldrich is a well-recognized global futurist, speaker, and author of eleven books, including award-winning best sellers. He is a frequent speaker on technology, change management and leadership and has addressed hundreds of corporations, associations and not-for-profit organizations on five continents.

    He regularly makes television appearances on the Science Channel, the Discovery Channel and is a frequent guest on major media outlets, including CNN, CNBC and National Public Radio. Jack is also an ongoing contributor on emerging technologies and future trends for a number of publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired Magazine and BusinessWeek.

    Jack is a former naval intelligence officer and Defense Department official. He served as the director of the Minnesota Office of Strategic and Long-Range Planning under Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. His most recent book is Foresight 20/20: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow and his forthcoming book is Business as Unusual: How to Future-Proof Yourself Against Tomorrow’s Transformational Trends, Today.

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    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Technical

    Jack is known for his willingness to work with clients in order to deliver highly tailored presentations that are guaranteed to inspire and motivate. His sessions are designed to not only help your organization profit today, but continue to prosper long into the future. Jack tailors presentations to a variety of fields, including healthcare, energy, education, agriculture, finance, manufacturing, retail and investing. Ask how he can create a customized presentation for your organization.

    Keynote | Educational | Technical | Motivational

    In the past 100 years, the world has witnessed a startling amount of change—everything from mass industrialization and globalization to space flight and longer life expectancies. Experts are now predicting society will witness a comparable amount of change within the next two decades. Noted global futurist Jack Uldrich will provide a fast-paced and insightful overview of how ten technological trends—genomics, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things (sensors), satellites, data analytics, genomics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, 5G/rural broadband, renewal energy, artificial meat, and urban agriculture—are fueling significant change within the agriculture industry. Uldrich will then share a number of “unlearning” strategies workshop attendees can employ today to not only prepare themselves for tomorrow’s change but also seize the opportunity to create a better and brighter future for their patients and the people with whom they work. 

    Major Take-Aways: 

    • Gain an understanding of how technological trends are transforming agriculture
    • Come to appreciate why unlearning will be just as important as learning in the future
    • Become aware of the skills necessary to “create your own future”
    • Change is the only constant. In order to prosper in the future, flexibility and adaptability are key.
    • The future is here now. To glimpse it, however, one must expose him or herself to diverse individuals and divergent ideas.
    • To appreciate all the future has to offer one must “learn to unlearn” and embrace ambiguity.
    • The future is incredibly bright. To capture its full potential, a healthy belief in the “impossible” is necessary.

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Technical

    In the near future, the greatest change will be the accelerating rate of change itself. In this enlightening, entertaining and educational session, Jack shares insights from his book, Business as Unusual: How to Future-Proof Yourself Against Tomorrow’s Transformational Trends, Today. He outlines the ten trends that will transform the world of tomorrow. Jack also identifies concrete actions businesses can take today to future-proof themselves against “the tides of tomorrow.”

    This presentation is tailored for Agriculture, Education, Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Insurance, Technology, Retail and other Industries.

    Keynote | Audience Participation | Educational | Humorous | Technical

    The next decade is less than a handful of years away. What might the world of 2020 like look like? How will you and your business have changed? More importantly, how will you and your organization need to change? The answer, in two short words, is: a lot!

    Consider this: Seven years ago Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Smartphones and cloud computing were all still in their infancy, and Uber, “The Internet of Things,” and the “sharing economy” didn’t yet exist. Now, fast forward a few years into the future and try to comprehend how accelerating advances in cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, mobile web video communications, virtual and augmented reality, social media, robotics, gaming dynamics, renewable energies, “Big Data”, cyber-security advances and, quite possibly, quantum computing will continue to drive seismic change and deliver paradigm-shattering transformation to nearly every facet of society. It’s not easy.

    In this engaging and entertaining keynote presentation based on his book (Foresight 20/20: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow), globally renowned futurist and best-selling author Jack Uldrich takes the guess-work out of understanding the near future by providing an in-depth exploration of how 10 technological trends will transform the world of 2020.

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Technical

    Today, we live in a world where “constant change is the only constant.” New advances in technology bring forth exciting discoveries every day. But often lost in this new reality is the fact that organizations must unlearn old, obsolete knowledge and old ways of doing business, before they can seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

    In this fascinating, informative and interactive presentation, Jack – hailed by BusinessWeek as “America’s Chief Unlearning Officer”- explains why unlearning is a critical skill for your organization.

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Technical

    The perfect keynote for any company, organization or association celebrating a major anniversary!

    Winston Churchill once said, “The farther back one can look, the farther ahead one can see.” He was right. And what better time for any organization to look into the future than when celebrating 25, 50 or 100 years of success?

    Global futurist and best-selling author Jack Uldrich has the unique ability to use yesterday’s history lessons as a prism for helping his clients and his audiences understand how the world of tomorrow will be transformed. He has created dozens of customized keynote presentations for centennial celebrations as well as diamond, golden and silver anniversaries.

    Jack always leaves his audiences proud of their rich tradition and past accomplishments but poised to confidently create their new future. Find out how he can do the same for your organization or company.

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Technical

    The average lifespan of a Fortune 1000 company is 15 years-and dropping. Why is this happening? Primarily, it’s because companies are so focused on the present, they fail to appreciate how the world of tomorrow is changing. Smart companies hire futurists to survive. Wise companies learn how to think like a futurist and instill a “future mindset” throughout their organization.

    In this interactive, engaging and educational seminar, best-selling author and renowned global futurist Jack Uldrich will instruct you and your team on how to “think like a futurist” and “future-proof” your organization in the process.

    Specifically, you will:

    • Understand the trends transforming the world of tomorrow and learn how to become aware of what is coming next before your competitors;
    • Develop an appreciation for both why humility is critical in navigating the uncharted waters of tomorrow and why unlearning will be as important as learning in the future;
    • Learn how to take action in the face of uncertainty, ambiguity, and rapidly changing conditions;

    Most importantly, you will adopt the mindset and acquire the tools to begin creating the future yourself.

    Keynote | Educational | Humorous | Technical

    Economists are bright, intelligent, well-intentioned individuals but there is one big thing they don’t know: They don’t know what they don’t know.

    Take a moment to consider how often professional economists miss the next big shock to the global economy because of an unknown, unforeseen, unexpected or highly unlikely event.

    In 1998, the economy was on the brink of a global meltdown because of a little-understood algorithm. In 2001, an unforeseen terrorist attack rocked the world economy. In 2005, unexpected technological advances in horizontal drilling and fracking technology sparked an energy renaissance that turned America into the largest net producer of energy in the world-an event no economist saw coming. And, most recently, the housing crisis and the ensuing global recession escaped the collective attention of every known economist.

    Jack Uldrich is different from your ordinary Economist. Billed as the “Un-Economist” Jack Uldrich doesn’t claim to be able to predict the future. But, by focusing on what organizations “don’t know,” he does help them remain vigilant, humble and adaptable so that they are better prepared to meet whatever challenge is coming next.

    If you are looking for a speaker to complement your traditional economist, best-selling author, global futurist Jack Uldrich is the perfect addition to your next event or conference.

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    “Fantastic, inspiring, relevant, provocative, informative, insightful, entertaining, professional, compelling … and a dozen more adjectives that I have heard used to describe the keynote and workshop you delivered at our Summit.”

    The Vision Council
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    “We received excellent comments about your presentation and how relevant your content is to the conversations we are focused on here about building the strategy for our future and taking action to move us in a positive direction. You did a great job of hitting the mark for us, and folks are quoting you and referencing points and examples from your presentation - which is certainly a testimonial on your effectiveness. We are happy we found you!”

    Tennessee Valley Authority
Fantastic, inspiring, relevant, provocative, informative, insightful, entertaining, professional, compelling … and a dozen more adjectives that I have heard used to describe the keynote and workshop you delivered at our Summit.
The Vision Council