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Rick Rigsby

Rick Rigsby

Dr. Rick Rigsby delivered one of the most passionate speeches ever heard. More than 200 MILLION PEOPLE worldwide viewed the speech in a video that went viral in just a matter of days.

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    When audiences hear Rick Rigsby . . . they are never the same.

    The former award-winning journalist followed a television career with graduate school—and two decades as a college professor . . . most of those years at Texas A&M University, where he also served as character coach and chaplain for the Aggies football team.

    Dr. Rick’s dynamic presentations motivate, empower and inspire worldwide—from Australia, Africa and Asia, to the Americas, Europe and Canada. Rick’s audiences include Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, academic communities, and service organizations. The internationally acclaimed speaker is a favorite among professional sports organizations, including the National Football League and the PGA.  In addition, Dr. Rigsby is a regular contributor on various national media platforms, including the Fox Business Network.

    Named twice as an outstanding professor in the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M, Dr. Rick has numerous publications.  His first non-academic book—Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout—is a USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal and Amazon best-seller.  His latest book, Afraid to Hope is now available in markets worldwide.

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    Keynote | Inspirational | Motivational

    We live in an era of astonishing technology, instant information and rampant social networking.  Despite the epidemic advances that ushered in a new millennium, cultural critics argue that society has never been more shallow in communication and more superficial in appearance.  In fact, Dr. Rigsby argues that for many organizations, appearance- or what he refers to as impression- has become the new corporate wardrobe.

    We invite you to rediscover what is really important and meaningful- not only in your professional career but in your personal life as well.  Join Dr. Rigsby as he shares the wisdom of past generations- wisdom that will inspire, motivate and empower you to make an impact rather than an impression!

You helped us to find an engaging keynote speaker that made our off-site meeting a huge success. You made the entire process very enjoyable and your customer service is nothing less than world-class.
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