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Vinh Giang

Vinh Giang

Captivating presenter who gives audiences a new perspective on solving challenges!

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  • $30,000 - $35,000
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  • Attitude
  • Business
  • Change
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Innovation
  • Magic
  • Peak Performance
  • Presentation Skills
  • Teamwork/Teambuilding
  • Vision/Purpose
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  • Media
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunications
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  • 19 Years
  • About

    With only 6 months to graduate, Vinh Giang left his degree in commerce and law to become an online magic teacher ultimately building a hugely successful online business, 52kards, which now serves over 800,000 students all around the world. This earned him the award of Top Young Entrepreneur in Australia.

    Vinh Giang’s real magic journey began when he finally understood what Robert Houdin (an amazing magician) meant when he said: “A magician is an actor playing the part of the magician.” Once Vinh understood the meaning behind this quote, he focused all his energy on studying the art of performance and not the art of presentation. He has spent the last 15 years mastering the art of performance-enhanced communication, helping thousands of professionals worldwide to learn these skills.

    Vinh is also the CEO of Luminary Productions which produces exceptional video for individuals and companies all around the globe.

    Vinh’s presentation will bring out the magic in you!

    “I believe that magicians are salespeople; they sell one of the most difficult products in the world. They sell magic – they sell the illusion. The way they’re able to sell magic is by working ridiculously hard. It takes thousands and thousands of hours to be able to sell the illusion, to be able to really sell the magic. Imagine if you applied the same mindset to your company – imagine if you applied the same dedication to your business – think about what you could achieve.” – Vinh Giang

    Why Vinh?

    • Entrepreneur who knows what it takes to lead and sell ideas
    • Young Entrepreneur of the Year and award-winning magician
    • He shares 3 key business ideas and demonstrates them using the art of magic with on-stage audience participation
    • By creating a fun and highly entertaining atmosphere of illusion, each key business concept is driven home in a truly profound and creative manner.
    • Each keynote is a carefully crafted performance creating the most powerful, emotional experience for attendees making the conference theme stick in the minds of the audience members long after the event
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  • Program



    This is by far Vinh’s most popular talk, in which he performs and speaks about the five different areas of magic, and then links this seamlessly to psychology. When the audience can see the psychological deception taking place in magic, they will be able to immediately see the deception we create within our own business and personal lives. This keynote will dispel negative beliefs and empower your audience to believe that anything in life is possible.



    Re-energise your sales team by having them witness Vinh perform a spectacular feat of magic, followed by a personal insight into the “behind the scenes” of the effect. Vinh reminds us all that every encounter is a performance, and the importance of always giving it your all. This applies to every interaction throughout your day, but most particularly when it is a sales encounter; because no matter how many times we have done something, we need to remember that the person on the receiving end is experiencing it for the first time, and we need to make sure it is the best experience possible. This is a crucial point of self reflection that is deeply empowering, which the audience will always remember.

    Breakout | Educational | Humorous

    There is very real magic in the powerful ability to communicate at extraordinary levels. It allows people to shift mindsets. To close deals. To build relationship bridges. To overcome objections. To connect in ways that foster leadership, teamwork, and exponential growth. Master communicator, magician, entertainer, and keynote speaker Vinh Giang captivates audiences with the tools, skills, and strategies that allow them to transform themselves into dynamic communicators. The lessons learned in this non-conventional, no-box-at-all workshop are much more than just learning to speak to each other as human beings. With years of innovative study in theatre, arts, and speaking — Vinh shares visionary insights that help strengthen and build self-confidence. Put fear in the rear-view. Teach your team to be more fluent and flow with clarity in their words. Deliver with authority. Rise above the noise of the crowd and stand out as leaders in their business and their lives. If you’re ready to create a magical communication transformation for your team that will take them – and your business to entirely new levels, invite Vinh to speak at your next event.

  • Review
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    “Vinh was great. Our attendees really enjoyed his message and magic! He certainly has a way to keep the audience captivated. It’s always a hit when a speaker can include audience participation.”

    CHS Cheryl M
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    “Vinh crushed it! Great message and a great person.”

    West Central Distribution Josh N
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    “Unsolicited rave reviews from an overwhelming number of attendees after your presentation. It was a great pleasure speaking with you “back stage”. You were great to work with and you managed to help me relax.”

    Risk Management Society Planner
Vinh crushed it! Great message and a great person.
West Central Distribution Josh N